3 Important Reasons to Buy Prescription Sunglasses

If you’ve bad vision that requires you to wear glasses, you probably already know how reliant you are on this one important piece of equipment to see clearly throughout all hours of the day. Those who sport glasses have also probably experienced the inconvenience of...

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The 411 on Getting Reading Glasses

Have you ever had to stretch out your arm so you could read the words on the book you’re holding? Or are you having headaches more often? These are signs that you might need to visit your eye doctor for an eye exam because you may need reading glasses. In case you...

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Getting your kids to eat eye-healthy food

We all know that proper nutrition and a healthy diet is what gives our bodies their strength to go about our days. Some foods even contribute to keeping our eyes healthy. However, given a choice, many kids could easily eat entire meals made up of just pizza, chips,...

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