If you have a medical emergency please call 911. Dr. Hetel Bhakta is available for eye emergency consultations during after-hours. Call (561) 444-8979 to contact our after-hours line if you have an eye emergency. If you are experiencing an eye emergency during regular business hours, please call our Vision Source office to be seen as soon as possible.

Call (561) 965 7600 to be seen today

After-hours callers with concerns about appointments, eyeglasses, contact lenses or other non eye emergency concerns may listen to our recording and leave a message so our staff can attend to your needs the following business day.

Urgent Eye Conditions

Situations that may require immediate attention by our Lake Worth eye care specialist are:

  • Blunt force injuries to the eye
  • Chemical injuries to the eye
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Painful eye injuries
  • Contact Lens related red painful eye
  • Red and/or painful eye – especially if you develop sensitivity to light or have symptoms of nausea
  • Sudden loss of vision, temporary blackout of vision or a sudden change in vision
  • Sudden onset of flashing lights or numerous black floating objects that appear suddenly in vision, especially when accompanied by a change in vision