person using a computer ordering contact lenses online

Order Contact Lenses

Purchasing contact lenses online is very convenient. It only takes a few clicks to finish the transaction and have your contact lenses shipped to your location. Simple. Easy. Done.

1. Prepare Your Contact Lens Prescription
If you don’t have a contact lens prescription you may schedule a contact lens examination with our expert Lake Worth optometrists. Once you have your prescription, you may purchase your new contact lenses at the time of your visit with our Vision Source eye doctors or online on our webstore.

  • Your current eye condition
    The health condition of your corneas must always be carefully examined before buying contact lenses. This is to ensure that the contacts you are purchasing adequately fit your eyes and are healthy enough to allow ample oxygen to flow through to your corneas. You must always have your eyes examined by a board certified eye doctor before purchasing contact lenses and make sure the contact lenses you receive are the correct strength, material and size, otherwise you may damage your eyes. If you have not had your eyes examined in over a year, call our Lake Worth optical to schedule an appointment with one of our Vision Source eye doctors.
  • Buy direct from our Lake Worth optical or on our online store
    We guarantee our products and as such will replace torn or defective contact lenses. If your eyewear prescription changes at your next yearly eye exam, we will gladly exchange any unopened boxes purchased from our Lake Worth optical with your new prescription. Additionally, we have board certified eye doctors as well as fully capable and trained opticians and technicians on staff anytime problems arise.

2. Buy your contact lenses from Planet Vision.
Our contact lens prices are LOWER than Costco, Sam’s, Wal-Mart or 1-800 Contacts’ BEST price. We will be happy to compare individual brand name contact lenses anytime for direct price comparisons. We can apply any vision insurance benefits for contact lens purchases and offer you the best prices on your contact lenses. We also offer FREE shipping and convenient delivery of your contact lenses to our Lake Worth optical for easy pick-up or direct shipping to your home or office.

3. Contact Lenses Fitting
If you’ve already received the contact lenses you ordered online, be sure to read the instructions on how to insert and remove them from your eyes. Moreover, follow the guidelines on how to take care of your contact lenses as prescribed by your optometrist.