Despite what you might think, all sunglasses are not the same. Sure, there are a multitude of different styles of sunglasses, from the bug-eyed, round shades made popular Audrey Hepburn, to the aviator style sunglasses favored by pilots and later, legendary entertainer Elvis.

The main differences however, resides in the type of lenses that are used in the sunglass frame. If you’ve ever gotten prescription sunglasses from your optometrist, you know that there is an array of lens options available, including both polarized lenses and gradient lenses.
So what’s the difference?

Gradient – A gradient lens provides darker and lighter elements within the same lens. Typically, the top portion of the lens is darker and the shades gradually get lighter toward the bottom of the lens. The eye doctor at Planet Vision can work to customize the darkest part of a gradient lens specific to your needs. Most people who choose gradient sunglasses prefer them for reading outside, or for days that are overcast, but still want some eye protection.

Polarized – Unlike gradient sunglasses, polarized sunglasses provide the same amount of darkness throughout the lens. This is done by adding a special layer, which blocks glare from the sun. It’s also possible to have your optometrist add an anti-glare coating on top of polarized lenses to better protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

When choosing a polarized sunglass lens there are different options for the color of lens you can choose. Often times, how you choose your polarized lens color depends on the different types of activities you will be taking part in.

In West Palm Beach, Greenacres and Wellington, a number of people like to spend time in the sun, on boats or at the golf course. There are polarized lens types that can accommodate each of these activities.

Both brown and copper colored lenses are great options for those who spend time on the water. Recreational boaters and fishermen will appreciate how these lenses block out blue light, making their vision crisper.

For golfers, both grey and grey-green lenses are often the best bet. These types of lenses can excellently curb glare from grass and green hues. These lenses are also popular because they have been around the longest and can be found in prescription lenses made to treat a wide range of eye care needs.

If you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, be sure to come visit us at Planet Vision where you can choose from a wide selection of designer frames and talk to our staff about the type of sunglasses that are best for your lifestyle.