What is Myopia?

Let’s begin with “Myopia.” Exactly what is it? Myopia is the medical term for “nearsightedness,” a condition diagnosed by eye doctors that affects nearly three million Americans a year, where a refraction error of the cornea hinders light to bend properly, making objects far away appear blurry. While this condition is technically chronic, recent advancements in the eye industry have made it possible for optometrists to use special lenses to temporarily correct the vision in people with low Myopia through a process called Orthokeratology, or “Ortho-k.” Schedule an exam with our Lake Worth optometrist to determine if you are a candidate for Ortho-k.


​​​​​​​Children & Myopia Control

Today, Myopia is diagnosed by eye doctors at a much earlier age in more children than in the past. Studies have shown that part of the increase in nearsightedness is because more people are doing work up close; this isn’t just a computer and increased screen time, as avid reading for long periods can also impact your eyes. There are several treatments that our Lake Worth eye doctors may use for myopia control in children. Schedule an eye exam with our Lake Worth optometrists to find out what your child’s options are.

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​​​​​​​Myopia Control With Ortho-K

Not everyone is a candidate for CRT lenses (orthokeratology lenses). Getting an eye examination with our Lake Worth optometrists can determine if you are a good candidate. Only those individuals who have low to moderate nearsightedness (with or without astigmatism) can benefit from CRT treatment at this time. The best candidates for Orthokeratology are children between the ages of eight and 12 who have progressive Myopia. If early stages of nearsightedness are caught soon enough by an eye doctor, Ortho-k can sometimes help with restoring vision in children, because the custom lenses “mold” the eyes overnight to hinder or encourage the growth of cells. Ortho-k also works well with adolescents and young adults with mild or moderate Myopia, or for adults under the age of 40 who aren’t interested in LASIK or other eye corrective surgery. If you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome or have severe Myopia, Ortho-k is not recommended. Schedule an appointment with our Lake Worth optometrists who specialize in myopia control.

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