The first and only soft contact lenses that are FDA-approved to slow the progression of Myopia in children aged 8-12 at the beginning of treatment. These lenses are prescribed by our specially trained Lake Worth optometrists to help curb children's worsening vision. The FDA-approved* lens is available as part of a comprehensive myopia management approach offered by CooperVision and our expert Lake Worth eye doctors who treat childhood myopia.
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MiSight® 1 Day Application

MiSight® 1 Day Removal


When Children Can’t See Far

A discussion about Pediatric Myopia.

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Understanding Myopia: Misight®

More than just vision correction, Myopia management with Misight 1 day contact lenses can help keep your child’s future brilliant.

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More about Misight®


Misight® Technology

MiSight® 1 day is the innovative lens that goes beyond vision correction.

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nearsightedness in children

Basic Myopia Guide

A closer look at your child’s nearsightedness.

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myopia in children

Brilliant Futures

An innovative program featuring MiSight® 1 Day Contact Lenses that goes beyond vision correction.

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