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Often one of the toughest decisions you have to make at the eye doctor's is picking out your eyeglasses. Whether you are looking for designer eyeglasses that show off your well-heeled fashion sense, or durable, long-lasting eyeglasses, our Lake Worth opticians can help. We also have a cute selection of eyeglasses for kids like Lucky, Converse, RayBan, and Nike. Our friendly and experienced opticians will help you pick the perfect eyeglasses and can even adjust or repair them to fit perfectly. All of our designer eyeglasses in our Lake Worth optical are backed with a manufacturer's guarantee of authenticity. Stop by our and ask our Lake Worth opticians to help pick out your new pair of customized eyeglasses today.

OVVO Optics | Gucci | TAG Heuer | Tom Ford | Salvatore Ferragamo | Bottega Veneta | Yves Saint Laurent | Oakley | Nike Vision | Chloe | Lacoste | Boss

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OVVO Frame Technology

OVVO Optics is one of the industry’s leading manufacture for luxury technology eyewear. You can find OVVO eyeglasses in Lake Worth right at our eye clinic. The demand for this technology has skyrocketed in the market place and our Lake Worth optometrist clinic is proud to be one of few optical retailers who are licensed to sell this cutting-edge technology. Our Lake Worth optical offers the eyewear collections of Titanium and Surgical Steel, Wood, and Nylon which are handmade in family-owned factories in both Poland and Germany.

OVVO Frame

All OVVO frames are 100 percent handmade in Europe

  • Each OVVO frame is handcrafted from a fusion of surgical steel and titanium

  • It takes from 65 to 85 production steps to hand assemble each OVVO frame

  • All crystals are hand applied

  • The OVVO nose pads are made from the same type of silicon used to produce artificial veins

  • During testing, hinges are opened and closed 300,000 times (equivalent of 205 years of usage) and reveal no changes in the structure or appearance

  • Some models are painted 8 times in order to achieve their stunning colors

  • When stretched, OVVOs can lift up to 90 pounds

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Children’s Eyeglasses

Children’s Eyeglasses

Lake Worth Eyeglasses Designed For Kids And Teens

Our Lake Worth optical carries eyeglasses that are appropriately sized and designed for kids. We offer eyeglasses that are fashionable, durable, and flexible with an annual warranty, specially designed for fast-growing children. We even have the “the kids promise” which offers an added warranty against lost eyeglasses! Our knowledgeable and trained Lake Worth opticians believe that a child’s vision needs to go beyond their eye examination with our expert optometrists and into their active world.

Appropriate eyeglass fitting, well-made, quality eyeglasses are a very important part of your child’s ability to view their world. Our opticians and optometrists in Lake Worth are dedicated to providing quality eyeglasses for your child, to ensure that he or she wears the most comfortable as well as best fitting and best-looking pair of eyeglasses.

Sports and Safety Eyeglasses

Sports and Safety Eyeglasses

Ask our Eye Doctors How to Improve Your Game!

Do you have a tough time playing sports due to poor vision? Our Lake Worth optical staff and opticians can help with problems with eyeglasses fogging up or eyeglasses sliding off your nose when you are in the middle of making an important play! Are you afraid that you might break your eyeglasses while playing sports? Contact our Lake Worth optometrists to get the most appropriate eyeglasses and sunglasses for your sport!

Many of today’s top athletes wear sports goggles and sports sunglasses for both eye protection and for vision correction on the field. Talk to our Lake Worth optometrists today to discover what options you have. Whether you are playing in an indoor stadium or an outdoor field, sports eyeglasses will serve in reducing the intense glare caused by overhead lighting or bright sunlight.

Protect your sight! Eye injuries are the number one cause of blindness in young people. The vast majority of sports-related eye injuries may be prevented with protective sports eyeglasses.

Do You Need Prescription Safety Eyeglasses for Your Employment?

Are you required to wear safety eyeglasses on the job? Our Lake Worth optical and opticians work with many patients who work in hazardous occupational areas to protect their precious eyesight. We carry safety eyeglasses in several styles with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that meet OSHA and ANSI standards. We can provide you with a prescription for safety eyewear to provide for your employer, following an eye exam with our Lake Worth eye doctors.

Our Lake Worth opticians carry Hilco safety eyewear, including styles that look like traditional eyeglasses in metal or plastic frames. Hilco is a leader in designing safety eyewear for over 50 years. All of the styles meet the current ANSI Z87.1 Standard. For more information on how we can help keep your vision safe, call our Lake Worth optical at (561) 556-4600 and schedule an appointment.

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