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Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Dry eye disease can be extremely annoying. It can make it difficult to perform simple tasks such as driving and reading. Do your eyes constantly feel irritated and dry? If they do, you need to know that you are not alone.

Top Reasons Why Scleral Lenses Are an Ideal Treatment for People With Keratoconus

If you have keratoconus, you probably know that regular contact lenses are not the ideal option for you. This is because the irregular shape of your cornea can make it impossible or difficult to achieve a good fit with traditional soft lenses.

Benefits of MiSight® Contact Lenses

The American Optometric Association is aware of how kids spend their time every day. Children often play and discover both in school and at home. While some kids do these activities without any problem, others suffer from myopia or nearsightedness. This condition gets worse if the child does not get treatment for it. Thanks to the latest technology, eye doctors can offer MiSight® contact lenses to help kids with myopia.

Why Start Your Child on Myopia Management Early

Up to one in four children in every American family experience the condition. The reason is that most kids spend time in activities that involve looking at objects that require close vision. These involve computers and smart mobile devices. These activities cause eyestrain and headaches and result in early myopia.

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