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Common Eye Issues for Kids

It is vital to care for children’s eyes while they are growing and developing. Various eye conditions affect children’s vision and eye health.

How Can Poor School Performance Be Related to the Eyes?

As much as 80% of what children learn is gained through their eyes. Their eyes help them explore the world, enjoy their hobbies, pick up subtle behavioral dynamics, and do their schoolwork.

What is Nearsightedness & is it Curable?

In today's world, where we spend countless hours on screens, our eyes are under constant strain. This can lead to various eye problems, and one such issue is nearsightedness.

The Power of Antioxidants: Unveiling the Gateway to Total Eye and Body Wellness

Our bodies are intricate systems, where every organ and function plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall well-being. Among these vital components, our eyes stand out as not only windows to the world but also as gateways to our full-body health.

Difference Between Dry Eye and Seasonal Allergies

Dry eye and seasonal allergies are eye conditions that can cause discomfort. They can also affect your vision. Dry eye is characterized by insufficient moisture or lubrication on the eye surface.

Common Signs That Your Child Has Myopia

Myopia is a common vision problem affecting many kids. It happens when the eye lengthens excessively. Consequently, light focuses behind the retina rather than directly on it.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses With Dry Eye?

Contact lenses are a convenient and popular option for correcting vision problems. But those with dry eyes may wonder if wearing contacts is feasible.

How Often Are Eye Exams Necessary?

To ensure your body stays healthy, you will usually eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and see a doctor upon the onset of symptoms. To keep your teeth healthy, you will brush, floss, and have regular dental checkups. When it comes to your eyes, you can take steps to keep them healthy. And, like in dental care, you must have regular eye exams with your doctor.

Can Both Adults and Kids Wear Ortho-k?

Ortho-k lenses are customized rigid contact lenses worn overnight to change the shape of the cornea. The cornea is the clear dome that functions as the lens for the eye. The shape of the cornea can affect the eye’s ability to focus.

Neurolenses for Eye Misalignment

The brain must work in coordination with the eyes. It helps keep them aligned so you can see everything in your surrounding without double vision. However, maintaining balance will become a struggle if you have eye misalignment. You will also experience uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, you can correct your eye misalignment using Neurolenses. Doing so will also make your vision very comfortable. Read on to learn more.

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