We’ve all seen drivers on the road who we are surprised to learn still have their licenses. Here in the state of Florida, the law requires those individuals who come to the DMV to renew their license to participate in a vision test.

A recently passed law also requires any drivers over the age of 80 years to submit documentation from their physician or optometrist showing that they have passed a vision screen test within the last year. The vision test that is given by the eye doctor is the standard letter acuity test where the individuals reads back letters on the chart that get smaller in size the further down the chart they go.

Individuals are required to have at least 20/40 vision in each eye, or 20/40 vision combined while using both eyes to retain their license.

Those who are under the age of 80 must also be able to pass a vision test when they first obtain their license or renew their license. But what does 20/40 vision really mean? Many eye doctors will recommend considering getting either eye glasses or contact lenses for driver whose eyesight is at 20/40 because they may still have issues focusing and seeing signs and other objects. In reality it is better to have 20/20 vision since 20/40 vision is generally not good enough to view distance objects in low contrast environments.

Driving glasses or contacts might be especially useful for people who drive a lot for their job as increased amounts of driving can cause eyestrain. Many individuals with less than perfect vision may also have a harder time seeing while driving at night.

At Planet Vision, our optometrist can conduct a thorough eye exam and let you know what your best options are if you are looking for vision correction solutions for driving. We can provide you options for glasses, contacts and sunglasses, in addition to special options for your lenses like anti-reflective coating or polarized lenses. Come in and see us today and start driving safer.