ou may have recently heard a report about how spending excessive amounts of time sitting (like all day at your desk) is bad for you. So bad in fact, that it’s estimated to reduce life expectancy by as much as two years.

While sitting in front of a computer all day is becoming a well-known health concern, there are also additional concerns as it relates to eye health. Most of the time when we are sitting for long periods of time, we are doing so with some sort of digital device in front of us.

Whether your digital device of choice is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or television, there are inherent risks for your eyes if you spend too much time looking at these devices.

Some of the most difficult types of technology for our eyes to handle are both liquid crystal displays (LCD) and LED displays. LCD lighting is one of the most popular displays used in a range of technology including iPhones, iPad, televisions and computer monitors. This type of technology emits diodes of blue light, which can make it harder for the eye to track and focus.

For those who prefer using their smartphone as their device of choice, often times these smaller devices are placed closer to the eye, which can decrease the frequency of eye blinking. This, in turn, can cause dry eye.

Is your technology use causing you eye problems? Here are just a few of the health problems associated with over-using digital devices:

  • Dry eye
  • Red eye
  • Headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Poor night vision

If you live in the West Palm Beach, Wellington or Greenacres area and your eyes are suffering from the effects of digital over usage, then come visit your local optometrist for solutions. Planet Vision can help reduce the harmful effects in a number of ways, including providing special HD lenses with anti-reflective coating, and more. Step away from your computer for a bit and come see us.