Function is just one aspect of wearing sunglasses. It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays so that you don’t have to worry about developing cataracts in the future, thereby saving you from the pain and cost of cataract surgery. However, sunglasses also have another very important use: making you look cool. It’s an undeniable fact that people also wear sunglasses to maintain an aura of stylishness and mystery and this article is all about the hottest trends in eyewear for this year! After all, you might not be a celebrity but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like one.

Vintage appeal
For 2014, sunglass fashionistas will be channelling the 1970s look which mimics Instagram filters. In fact, has christened it “The Instagram Look”. This means that 2014 sunnies will be designed with tinted lenses, akin to Instagram filters. Literal rose colored lenses and gold-tinted lenses will be making appearances for sure.

Expect to see a lot of tortoiseshell-printed frames alongside wooden frames as well.

Architectural sunnies?
This trend features lenses that have more angular or geometric shapes, such as hexagonal and triangular lenses. Designs are generally simple, giving more emphasis on the lens shapes than anything else.

In addition, you may also find this exciting uniquely-shaped lens trend incorporated into frames featuring gorgeous geometric patterns.

Mirrored sunglasses
2014 is also hoping to usher in the inclusion of mirrored sunglasses onto the year’s top accessories. This type of sunwear, popular among police officers in the US, is treated with a reflective optical coating giving the lenses that mirror resemblance.

The cat comes back!
This year marks the return of the cat eye frame which originally gained popularity in 1950s and 1960, particularly among those who adhered to the mod fashions. The unique shape of the frames, which feature somewhat pointed edges at the outermost section at the top of the frames, give this style its name.

With a flourish
Details will also be a big thing this year. Sunglasses outfitted with accents, structural embellishments and cutouts will also prove popular among fashionistas.

Expect to see more frame designs with mixed materials like combined metals or metal and plastic together.

Nature chic
Frames with designs that emphasize the elements and objects found in nature is also going to be on trend this year. Floral patterns on plastic frames and butterfly wing silhouettes are among the styles which fall under this category. Animal print sunglass frames may also remain in the zeitgeist for a while.

Designers are also using palettes heavy with pinks, yellows and greens which resembles the very nature of spring.

These are just some of the trends stylish sunglass-wearers can expect for the coming year. Even if you’re focused on that million dollar look, remember that sunglasses are first and foremost protection for the eyes so make sure that you find a pair that can do the job properly without sacrificing style.

To find out if your snazzy new sunwear will protect you from the sun, see the first part of this article entitled “How to pick sunglasses that suit you and your needs, Part 1 : Function” or ask an optometrist about them.

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