If you are a professional or amateur athlete, or if you are getting started on a new sports hobby, wearing the correct gear is important. In addition to wearing the required sports attire like knee pads, helmets, ball caps, or swimming caps, it is important to be fitted for the appropriate eyewear to increase protection against injury and to enhance your performance.

Getting the proper protective eyewear is essential and according to the National Eye Institute, sports-related eye injuries are a common cause of blindness among children as well as adults. Eye care and safety is necessary from the get-go. Eye protection needs to be considered before injuries and blindness occur.

With so many incidences of injuries, especially in sports with projectiles objects such as baseball or paintball, protecting the eyes is especially important since our eyes and our vision are particularly sensitive. Fortunately, a wide variety of protective eyewear is now available at your friendly neighborhood eye doctor’s office, Planet Vision EyeCare.

Typically, safety sports goggles are made of ultra-strong polycarbonate lenses which are more impact resistant than regular plastic. These can be worn over contact lenses or can be made into your prescription so you can see clearly and protect your eyes.

There are many types of protective eyewear that one can choose from that are more apt your sport. For instance, baseball players will be better served by polycarbonate face guards which can be attached to the helmet for batting and running bases. However, they can also switch to sports goggles with polycarbonate lenses when they’re fielding.

In fact, most sports will typically recommended sports goggles with polycarbonate lenses although sports like hockey and lacrosse also require face cages for full protection. Sports eyeglasses or goggles can be made in your prescription if needed so you can see better without having to wear a separate pair of glasses under the goggles.

Additionally, for those who normally require prescription glasses, it might be worthwhile to consider switching to contact lenses, at least while playing sports. After all, contact lenses offer better peripheral vision and an unobscured field of view.

Contact lenses also do not become fogged up, whereas glasses often do depending on the environment you’re in. While it’s perfectly okay to use prescription glasses with safety masks and goggles, glasses will tend to move around when the wearer runs or jumps, making it more difficult to have stable vision. Since contact lenses sit on your eye they are not subject to any vigorous movements while you play your sport.

Whether you decide to choose prescription lenses, contact lenses, CRT or LASIK to correct your vision, it’s imperative to consult an eye professional like Dr. Hetel Bhakta, who can give the best recommendation for your needs. Just remember that it’s important to protect your eyes from sports or even work related injuries.

Remember, eye care and safety should never be an afterthought for athletes of any kind. For help deciding on the protective eye wear that is best for you and your sport, contact Planet Vision EyeCare in Greenacres, Florida.