If your child currently wears glasses, it might not be long before they start asking you when they can get contact lenses. As kids get older and into their teen years, they are often more concerned with their looks and fitting in with classmates.

As a parent, it’s a good idea to talk with your eye doctor about your child’s individual needs, but as a general guideline, contact lenses can be appropriate for children as young as 8, depending on their maturity level.

There are a number of benefits to your child switching from glasses to contact lenses that you might have not realized.

Here are just a few benefits of your child getting contacts:

  • If your child is prone to bouts of forgetfulness or misplaces things often, contact lenses can end up being a much cheaper option than replacing glasses every time they loose them. This is especially true if you’ve bought your child designer frames or designer glasses.
  • Wearing contact lenses instead of glasses makes it easy for children to participate in sports activities without fear of sports-related injuries, or damage to glasses.
  • Oftentimes children who wear glasses can be self-conscious about them, especially if they are the only one of their classmates who wears glasses. Switching to contact lenses may ensure that they wear them regularly and get the benefits of corrected vision.
  • In some cases with younger children, wearing contact lenses has been shown to slow the progression of myopia.

Deciding whether contact lenses are the best choice for your child is an individual decision that should be determined between yourself and your child.

Parents can get an idea of their child’s enthusiasm for wearing contacts by paying attention to their reactions during their eye exam when the eye doctor brings up the topic. It’s also important to see how comfortable your child is with the idea of touching their eye and putting in and taking out contacts.