Have people told you that you always look so tired because your eyes are puffy or have dark circles around them? Or, have you noticed that your eye bags never seem to recede? There are many reasons why your eyes and the surrounding areas seem that way, ranging from allergies, stress, genetics, and even eye fatigue. Regardless, it’s no reason to worry so much because for the most part, puffy eyes or dark circles under your eyes are relatively easy to prevent and treat. Still, it’s important to find out why they’re there in the first place. Here’s basic information on puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.


Assuming these issues are not caused by an underlying medical condition (more on that later), the swelling and discoloration around your eye area can be attributed to fluid accumulation. Fluid is typically retained in around the eyes because of any of the following factors: dehydration, fatigue, stress, old age and yes, genes. Unfortunately, it’s also a possibility that your family really has puffy eyes.

Now if you’ve noticed that you tend to wake up with swollen eyes every day, it’s because we don’t blink when we sleep. Much like how muscles in the legs swell when we’re idle for long periods of time, inactivity in our eye makes them puffier. Luckily enough, the fluids trapped in the eyes (and the legs) are released back into circulation once we blink (or start walking) again so the swelling usually recedes after an hour.

On the other hand, there are some cases where swollen eyes mean more than just allergies, distinctive family features, stress, or the like.

Bulging eyes can be a symptom of thyroid problems or a sign of an allergic reaction. People with pinkeye will also experience swollen eyelids and darkness under the eye. Additionally, swelling in the body including areas around the eyes may be expected when diagnosed with kidney failure and similar systemic diseases.


Naturally, the way to solve the problem is to find out why your eyes and the surrounding areas are chronically swelling and puffy. A visit to your eye doctor can tell you if the problem is confined to your eyes or if it’s a symptom of another disease like hyperthyroidism or the like and he or she can refer you to a doctor who can diagnose and treat you.

Otherwise, you can check out family portraits and if it seems to occur among your parents and siblings, then you definitely have to look towards cosmetic solutions which your eye doctor or plastic surgeon can suggest.

Common recommendations are blepharoplasty (a type of surgery on the eyelids where fat is removed or repositioned, depending on your needs), prescription skin products, and chemical peels.

For swelling caused by allergies, antihistamines and avoiding the cause of the puffiness can do the trick, while dehydration can easily be solved through increased fluid intake. You can also work on eye bags caused by stress and fatigue by getting enough sleep and rest.

As for placing cucumber slices over your closed eyelids just like they do in the movies, these and chilled tea bags act as cold compresses. Cold compresses have been found effective for making your eyes appear rested as well and work to reduce swelling in your eyelids.

Another popular home remedy people use is hemorrhoid cream on the area around the eyes. However, while this works to reduce swelling, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes thanks to its ability to constrict blood vessels, there is a risk of chemical conjunctivitis if applied carelessly. To ensure safety, it’s still best to talk to your eye doctor before starting on this and other remedies for swollen eyes or dark circles around your eyes.

Luckily, if you live in or around the Greenacres, Florida area, you can just pop over to Planet Vision Eyecare for any consultation about eye conditions including eye bags, swollen eyes and the like. Dr. Hetel Bhakta is a licensed optometric physician with extensive experience diagnosing and treating eye conditions.