These days it seems that people are glued to some type of smart device, whether they’re watching a game on their big screen TV, rushing to get work done on their laptops, or playing the latest viral game on their smartphones. And while these gadgets can make tasks easier and entertainment more accessible, the unfortunate side effect of staring at these screens for too long is computer eye strain or computer vision syndrome (CVS).

This type of problem manifests itself when our eyes become too strained or fatigued after many hours of use. Thankfully, Dr. Hetel Bhakta has the perfect solution which can easily treat CVS and combined with the suggested eye care regiment, CVS can be avoided.

Here is some basic information about eye strain.


Aside from using computers, smartphones, or video game consoles for prolonged periods, eye strain can also be caused by long periods of reading, writing, sewing, and even driving. Basically, any activity that requires using the eyes a lot can lead to eye strain.

Being exposed to extremely bright lights or working in dimly lot environments can also cause this problem.


Eye fatigue typically manifests itself as uncomfortable symptoms. Sufferers experience irritation in their eyes and have difficulty focusing. Blurry vision, as well as dry or watery eyes, is also common among people with eye strain.
Some people may also have back or shoulder trouble in addition to the other symptoms that manifest in the eyes.

Relief and prevention:

Because computer vision syndrome (CVS) or computer eye fatigue can be irritating or a sign of an underlying eye condition, it can contribute to a decrease in work productivity and performance.

Fortunately, there are many ways to relieve the stress on one’s eyes.

First off, seeing Dr. Bhakta for an eye exam will help prevent and treat any eye problem, including computer eye strain. Describing your daily activities like working at the computer for extended periods of time can help the eye doctor make a proper diagnosis and give the appropriate prescriptions.

People suffering from CVS should look into purchasing eyewear customized for people who work with computers. These are called computer glasses which are optimized for those who work with computers, giving the user a glare free, wider field of view without having to resort to excessive effort in focusing or comporting one’s self with unhealthy postures thereforemaking blurred vision, headaches and back pains related to vision problems a thing of the past.

To get fitted with appropriate computer glasses or consult with Dr. Bhakta regarding your symptoms of CVS, contact Planet Vision EyeCare in Greenacres, Florida. Planet Vision EyeCare is accessible to residents of nearby Wellington and West Palm Beach also.
Other useful tips include outfitting work stations with proper lighting. Extremely bright or dim lighting setups can have negative effects on one’s eyes so adjusting nearby lighting fixtures will reduce glare and harsh reflections which can help prevent eye strain.

The frequent use of artificial tears can also help relieve dry eyes, a common symptom of CVS. Buying a humidifier for your office will also help with dry eye symptoms.
Computer monitors should also be set approximately 20 inches from the eyes and just below the eye level. Additionally, keeping your monitors free of dust and fingerprints will lessen glare and reflections. Upgrading from a CRT monitor to a LCD display is also recommended as they are easier on the eyes and are typically anti-reflective.

Resting the eyes is also particularly essential to prevent any kind of eye strain.

Blinking often and looking away from the monitor every 20 minutes or so for a few seconds is one way to reduce eye strain.