Here at Planet Vision Eyecare, we love helping our customers experience the convenience and ease of contact lenses. Those who have been dealing with glasses for years are excited to learn about how contact lenses can improve their lifestyle. Before taking the leap to becoming a contact lenses wearer, our experienced eye doctor will need to help you make some decisions on your contact use. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself before you get contact lenses.

Do you want disposable or permanent contact lenses?

There are contact lenses that can be disposed of daily, or those that you can dispose of weekly or monthly. There are also permanent contact lenses that you keep for a year or so. Disposables are less maintenance because you’re throwing them out each time. Permanent lenses require more maintenance to stay clean and safe, but can be less expensive for wearers. Our experienced Planet Vision Eyecare eye doctor can review the pros and cons of disposable and permanent contact lenses with you so you can make the right choice.

Do you want hard or soft contact lenses?

Contact lenses can come in a soft lens, or a rigid gas-permeable, RGP, lens. These are referred to as hard lenses because they’re more stiff than the soft lenses. Hard contact lenses are easier to clean and handle because they’re less fragile than soft lenses. However, many contact wearers can attest that soft lenses are more comfortable in the eyes. When you come into Planet Vision Eyecare, our expert eye doctor can help you try out hard or soft contact lenses so you can see what’s better for you.

Are you ready to commit to contact lenses?

If you’re used to wearing glasses, contact lenses can be a big change. They require consistent attention and cleaning to keep your eyes healthy and functioning properly. It’s also important to be prepared for overnight trips so you can take out your contacts and clean them properly each night. This type of commitment needs to be made before you try your first pair of contact lenses. One of our experienced doctors will take the time to explain the care and maintenance needed to keep your contact lenses in pristine condition.

Are you ready to learn more about contact lenses and find out which ones are right for you? Call Planet Vision Eyecare today to make an appointment with our professional eye doctor!