If you’ve bad vision that requires you to wear glasses, you probably already know how reliant you are on this one important piece of equipment to see clearly throughout all hours of the day. Those who sport glasses have also probably experienced the inconvenience of their arch-nemesis: the sun. A sunny day can be a hassle for those who wear glasses because they have to choose whether to see clearly with their glasses, or lose their specs for sunglasses to protect their eyes from that bright sun. Prescription sunglasses are the answer for those who have ever been in this dilemma. Here are three ways prescription sunglasses can be your savior on a sunny day.

Driving. It’s obviously most important for you to see where you’re going when you’re driving. The sun in your face can make it nearly impossible to determine distances or clearly read signs if you’re wearing glasses. Prescription sunglasses can prevent this dangerous habit, and allow you a shield from the sun while also allowing you to clearly read and judge distances. Here at Planet Vision Eyecare, we can easily fit you to a fashionable frame of sunglasses that include your perfect prescription so you can hit the road with clear vision.

All-day outings. Many who wear their glasses to an outdoor event are just waiting for the moment the sun will set. Sun glare and brightness can cause you to have to squint uncomfortably and can make an all-day outing feel like torture on your face and eyes. Prescription sunglasses will offer you stylish protection from the sun, and the clear vision you get when wearing your regular glasses. Outdoor events can be much more enjoyable when you’re wearing prescription sunglasses and seeing clearly without the dreaded squint.

Fun times on the water. Whether you’re out at sea on a ship, or cruising around a lake casting lines into the water, an eyeglass wearer can get fed up with the sun while on the water. The water reflects sunlight, making it much more bright and potent for passengers on water vessels. With the help of prescription sunglasses, you can spend your day on the water without worrying about the strength of the sunlight ruining your time. Picking up a pair of prescription sunglasses at Planet Vision Eyecare can allow you to enjoy water sports and time on the shore while seeing clearly, and keeping your eyes fully protected from the sun’s strong rays.

If you’re considering an upgrade to prescription sunglasses, don’t waste another day squinting! Call the Planet Vision Eyecare office today and set up an appointment!