The ability to clearly see the world around you is one of the most important elements for a happy and healthy life. Having a dedicated and experienced eye doctor in your corner is important to keep your eyes healthy and functioning properly. By providing comprehensive and all-encompassing eye exams since 2011, Planet Vision Eyecare focuses on the crystal-clear vision of its clients and their family members.

Our Lake Worth eye doctor is hospitable and knowledgeable, with an enthusiasm for keeping up with the latest innovations in eye care technology. Our diagnostic technology and eye care products provide accurate results and convenience for our patients. If you’re searching for a top doctor and helpful staff with years of experience in the field, look no further than Planet Vision Eyecare.

Our eye clinic is a member of the Vision Source network of eye doctors, which allows us access to cutting edge technology, education, and products in the eye care field. Through our affiliation with the Vision Source network, we’re held to the gold standard of service as an eye doctor and we always aim to surpass these goals.
Through exceptional and personalized service, Planet Vision Eyecare makes every patient feel welcomed and cared for. It’s our goal for each patient to leave our eye clinic with a feeling that all their concerns were addressed by the staff and doctor. We also want our patients to leave their appointments feeling more educated about their eye health, confident in their personalized treatment plan, and excited to come back for the next visit.

Our Lake Worth optometrist has experience with a wide variety of eye diseases, dysfunctions, and conditions. With this knowledge, the patient will always be educated on his or her diagnosis and the next steps taken to alleviate the ailment. By allowing the patient to be hands on with his or her eyecare, our eye doctor offers a deeper understanding of the patient’s eye health and what needs to be done.

As a Vision Source network eye care provider, Planet Vision Eyecare is proud to serve Lake Worth and the surrounding communities with impressive customer service and commitment to eye health. If you’re looking for an eyecare professional with experience who will provide personalized care for all conditions, give our lake worth eye clinic a call today.