Corneal Reshaping Therapy – CRT

Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) is a breakthrough therapy to correct your vision so that you do not need your glasses or contacts to see during the day! These lenses are worn overnight and they gently reshape your eyes to correct your prescription. In the morning, upon removal of the lenses, patients have clarity of vision all day long…all without the need for daytime contact lenses, surgery or glasses. This FDA approved therapy, has also shown promise to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. For this reason, Dr. Bhakta treats many young patients with nearsightedness to prevent the worsening of their vision.

For adults and children, CRT is an excellent option for patients desiring freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Call our Lake Worth eye care office today to speak to our contact lens specialists.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses mask the irregularity of the cornea and allow for clearer vision by providing a smooth front surface through which light can enter the eye. Scleral Lenses perform well on any patient with an irregular cornea, including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, post refractive surgery, post corneal rings, and ocular surface disease. Scleral lenses have also been utilized on regular corneas especially patients suffering from dry eyes whoc cannot tolerate other forms of contact lenses.

Duette™/Hybrid Lenses

The Duette™ hybrid contact lens is the ideal choice for patients with astigmatism who desire both clear vision and comfortable lenses. Duette™ combines two types of contact lens materials: a rigid gas permeable center and a soft lens skirt into one unique “hybrid” lens. The soft skirt surrounding the center provides the all-day comfort of a soft lens. The rigid center corrects astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness and delivers clear, high definition vision even at night.

Duette™ Multifocal and Duette™ Progressive

Duette™ Multifocal and Duette™ Progressive are breakthrough contact lenses that offer a revolutionary simultaneous vision design to provide true binocular vision at all distances, making these the go-to lenses for any presbyopic patient seeking pristine vision from a contact lens. Like a progessive spectacle, the Duette™ Multifocal and Duette™ Progressive contact lenses give both eyes the ability to see clearly at all focal ranges with a seamless progression of powers from distance to near.

UltraHealth™ & UltraHealth™ FC

UltraHealth™ is the most advanced technology hybrid contact lens for keratoconus! With UltraHealth™ patients can take their life back and see in a new way filled with clarity and comfort. No more lenses popping out. No more irritating dirt. No more cloudy vision after a few hours of wear.

Now available is the UltraHealth™ FC. Post corneal graft, post-Rk, post-LASIK and other cornea irregularities, can benefit from the oblate design of this latest edition to the UltraHealth™ family of lenses.

Now, you too can ‘Transform your Vision’ with UltraHealth™ hybrid contact lenses. Call our Lake Worth eye doctors today to speak to our kerataconus specialists.