What do people want from their prescription lenses? Most people want to see clearly and perfectly even if that means spending more to get the vision they wish to achieve. However, conventional prescription lenses still have their limitations…they do not correct higher order aberrations (HOA’s). These HOA’s often impede vision, especially in low light levels, despite fully correcting a person’s nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism.

The good news is that Planet Vision Eyecare now carries the solution – i.Scription high definition lenses. i.Scription high definition lenses are accurately designed to a person’s exact eye specifications using Zeiss’ state of the art lenses-making technology. You don’t have to settle for traditional prescription eyeglasses when you have an innovative design that caters to and addresses your individual vision needs to give you optimum, high-definition vision.

For people used to wearing conventional eyeglasses, it is not uncommon for some to experience visual disturbances even with their latest prescription. Patients may continue to report blurry, distorted vision, eye irritation, migraine, and severe headache with the use of their new prescription glasses and contact lenses. It seems that there are no perfect lenses and there is nothing you can do but to accept the conventional prescription lenses you are prescribed.

Now there is good news! Professionals and eye experts at Carl Zeiss have introduced technology that is slated to revolutionize the way prescription lenses are made and the way people see. This innovative process of digitally manufacturing this precise prescription lens will not only help people see better than before, but also eliminate the HOA’s that are left uncorrected with conventional prescription eyeglasses and contacts.

Enter the i.Scription from Carl Zeiss.

More than just eyeglass lenses, i.Scription promises patients, sharper, clearer, high-clarity vision that greatly enhances a patient’s ability to see perfectly. i.Scription promises you vision that will trump what other traditional lenses offer. Sounds good? It certainly does. No other lens manufacturer has claimed to provide patients with excellent performance in multiple lighting conditions, crisp colors, and enhanced contrast.

i.Scription creates a visual impression that is better all around, that makes it easier to feel comfortable wearing glasses the first time you put them on,” says Lars Mendel, the Carl Zeiss Vision project manager for the i.Scription. It all starts with an extraordinarily accurate eye exam, one that is far from the conventional ones you are used to. Our Lake Worth eye doctors at Planet Vision Eyecare first measure the ocular parameters with the i.Profiler. What the i.Profiler does is determine the patient’s individual optical and visual needs by analyzing more than 2,500 reference points within each eye.

The testing process also looks at patient’s pupil responses to multiple lighting and scours each eye for impediments. This process gives eye doctors a better look at what the patient’s exact needs are and allows her to calculate the accurate specifications for the design of the lenses. Human error in gathering crucial data to make the individualized prescription is largely reduced with the iProfiler. The result is a more precise customized prescription that can give you the best possible vision.

What do i.Scription customized lenses offer that other conventional lenses cannot?

Well, there are many advantages. For one, i.Scription lenses provide patients with better vision in low light and night conditions. Glare and halo effects from light sources are significantly reduced, which vastly improves vision during the day or night. Another positive effect experienced from wearing i.Scription lenses is the ability to view colors more vividly. Improving contrast allows crisper vision. With color and contrast superbly enhanced, the wearer of i.Scription is able to enjoy and appreciate a brighter and more enhanced view of the world.