children myopia control

Today, Myopia presents itself at an earlier age in children more than in the past. Studies have shown that the increase in nearsightedness is in part due to time spent doing work up close; not just computer, video games, and increased screen time — reading for long periods can also impact your eyes. There are three primary options your eye doctor may use for controlling the myopia progression in children.

​​​​​​​Atropine Eye Drops

Myopia occurs when your eye grows too long (axial elongation), or your cornea is too curved. The light that enters your eye has a harder time focusing the way it should, and this results in blurred vision. Atropine drops can help curb axial elongation. Normal dosage of atropine eye drops causes a temporary dilation of the pupils and paralysis of the focusing system, relaxing the eyes’ ability to focus. In myopia treatment, low-dose atropine is used. At this low dosage, the typical side effects of atropine are not noticeable, thus making this a great myopia control option for young children.

Multifocal Myopia Control Contacts

The primary use of multifocal contacts that are designed for myopia control is to help reduce myopia progression while achieving clear vision at all distances. According to studies, children who wore MiSight myopia control contacts had a 59% reduction in the advancement of Myopia compared to children who stuck with traditional soft contacts.


Orthokeratology or CRT (Corneal Reshaping Therapy) is a treatment that uses an overnight gas-permeable contact lens to gently and temporarily reshape the corneal surface to correct the vision. A patient wears these lenses overnight, which corrects the eye prescription so that upon removing the lenses in the morning the vision is clear. The clear vision lasts all day long. It is important to note that this treatment is temporary, and the effects of the overnight treatment will usually last throughout the entire day as long as the lens is worn every night.
Do you want to take the next steps in ensuring your child has full potential regarding their vision? Contact our office today to ask our staff any questions about these treatments and your child’s next appointment.

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